Assisted camping near Pune

All camping fun and thrill but at ease, without the burden of carrying gears means ‘Assisted Camping’

  1. Get the best tent camping experience ever you have had
  2. Get assistance in setting up your camp
  3. Get Tents, sleeping bags, mats @ the campground
  4. Campground is equipped with Indian as well as western toilets and changing cum bathroomAssisted Camping
  5. Safe drinking water, snacks and Food is offered at the campground
  6. This category is open to all age groups
  7. Include evening snacks, dinner,lunch morning tea and breakfast
  8. Get some experts like star gazing expert, nature expert if you are group of 20 or more
  9. Kids below age of 5 years will be not charged
  10. Kids between 5 years to 10 years get 40% discount
  11. An individual of age 10 and above makes a unit i.e. a person
  12. No beverages such as cold drinks or energy drinks are included
  13. You need to bring your personal stuff such health care, medicines(if you are on any medication)Assisted camping
  14. An extra pair of cloths, shorts, shoes, warm cloths, cap, torch
  15. Music is not allowed at the camping site
  16. Any thing which is not mentioned here is not included in the package.
  17. Cost is 1800/- per person
  18. Contact Hemant on 09049002053 for booking your camping trip
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