Thinking of going camping near Pune? wait, lets first understand what camping is?

What is camping?

Camping is not only about stay in tents, BBQ and campfire. There much more to it. The main objective of camping should be to get back to nature in true sense. There are many reasons why should we go back to nature once in a while. The essence of camping is being into the nature, going back to the basics. While camping with us , you have got may options to explore at Nisargshala, throughout the year. Each season gives us its unique gifts.

We give you an opportunity to connect with the nature. There many activities we would want you to explore while camping with Nisargshala.

We help you have the best ever experience of camping near Pune with activities like trekking,rappelling,nature connect, stargazing, monsoon rides, waterfall rappelling etc. The campsite is very clean in the lap of unspoilt and beautiful hillocks near Pune (From Mumbai you got to cross Lonavala then Pune and then you leave NH4 for Velhe).

Spending a night here is literally sleeping in the embrace of raw naked nature. Everything is natural ,raw and unaltered. No other place takes you as close to nature as this one. Definitely going back there.Camping near Pune @ Nisargshala
Abhi Sukhija
IITian, Working with AMDOCS Pune
Monsoon Waterfall rappelling Torna Fort near Pune

Torna Trek with Nisargshala

Torna is considered as paradise in Monsoon. With all safety precautions we make sure that you get your best ever experiece with Monsoon along with camping and waterfall rappelling. Click button below to know more..

Its time for adventure

We help you have the best ever experience of camping near Pune with activities like trekking,rappelling,nature connect,stargazing,monsoon rides,waterfall rappelling etc. Campsite is located towards south-west the city near Pune (From Mumbai you got to cross Lonavala then Pune and then you leave NH4 for Velhe).

      If you want to experience the blissful time out of city life then you definitely need to visit this place….Camping here is one thing but in addition you do educate your kids about the natural flora and fauna of Sahyadri ………. Waterfall is what initially...More

    thumb dsahyadri003

      The camping experience at Nisargshala was absolutely amazing. Hemant and Sunil took very good care of us and we're perfect hosts. All the arrangements were made very well, so the tents, food, rappelling and star gazing was an absolute pleasure and very informative. My wife,...More

    thumb dranupamp

      Visited Nisargshala in the last week of dec 2017…..and what an experience it turned out to be ! The campsite is very clean in the lap of unspoilt and beautiful hillocks ..the waterbody close-by is the icing on the cake?. The host, Mr.Hemant was a...More

    thumb Radhika N

Camping near Pune

Overnight camping

Kids and family friendly event. Include camping, stargazing, BBQ, nature trail, adventure activity, Nature connect activities, etc Cost - 1800 Rs per person Include - 2 meals,tea n breakfast, BBQ, activities, guidance, stay in tents, bonfire.. Check in - 5 pm, Check out- 2 pm next day

Rajgad Torna Ridge

Trek to Torna fort and Camping

An action packed event with an amazing trek to fort Torna, the highest peak in Pune region. Activities like Camping, BBQ, adventure are like cherry on the top. Cost - 2400 Rs per person Include - 3 meals, 2 breakfasts, tean, field snacks, camping, trekking, BBQ

The participants

Trek to Rayling & Camping riverside

Walk along the crest line of western ghats. Rayling is located on the verge of Konkan and western Maharashtra. Great view of fort Raygad and Lingana pinnacle Cost -2400 Rs per person. Include - 3 meals, 2 breakfasts, tea, snacks on the field, trekking guidance, camping, BBQ

The MACHAs @ Nisargshala


BBQ and Bombs

We are very much sure that you will not get Nisargshala like BBQ and bombs anywhere else around Pune. On special requests we can have whole stuffed गावरान chicken also.

Adventure for all

Boys, girls, youngsters, parents, grandparents almost everybody can have the thrill of adventure @ Nisargshala. Age is no bar for adventure.

The nature around

The greatest feature of Nisargshala is that, its absolutely away from any sort of pollution. No air pollution, no noise pollution and no light pollution. Pure natural ambiance. And this is best place for kids to have their first date with nature.

What Our Custumers say

Wonderful camping experience with Nisargshala last week. We were a group of 11 people and absolutely loved staying at camping site. Everything was well organized and thoroughly planned. We enjoyed BBQ, campfire, star gazing (clearest of skies I have ever seen), small telescope and astrophysics knowledge sharing session by Hemant Vavale and his incredible team. Tents were spacious and it was mesmerizing to be so close to nature. Also rappelling activity was conducted very professionally well. Will surely recommend Nisargshala to everyone keen in going closer to nature. Will try to visit camp again in May next year. Also all this was managed at very nominal and genuine price. It was totally worth it. Keep up the good work team!

Amit Bhardwaj

Amit Bhardwaj
IT Professional from Pune

Highly recommend this place for people who are interested in real camping(do not expect leisure camping here). Wonderful experience at nisargshala. Hemant and Yashdeep were very polite, patient, and knowledgeable hosts. Food and barbecue was tasty. All the activities were also nice like stargazing, moon watching, sound map games, trekking and rappelling. My 9yr old daughter did rappelling. Totally unexpected. Thanks to Yashdeep. Would like to go again with group of friends.

Sharvari Gokhale

A traveler and homemaker from Pune
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