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What & Why Team outing


Team outing is a great way to facilitate bonding with your team members, reduce employee stress, and give them the chance to get to know one another outside of the office. And, you know, they’re really fun.

Team outing @ Nisargshala

Team outing @ Nisargshala

Company culture is one of the most important aspects of any organization, especially when it comes to its employees. The atmosphere of the workplace can positively or negatively affect a worker’s performance. If managers and supervisors are approachable, make employees feel valuable and like they belong, workers will be happier in the office. Disgruntled managers, harshness and cold or demeaning attitudes toward employees will produce a negative vibe, making workers not as eager to be in the office.

What is one good way to build and maintain your company’s culture? Have company outings. Company, department or team outing is important for a variety of reasons:


Sometimes people can feel uptight in the office, especially while trying to uphold the professionalism standard. Gathering outside of the office, especially in a fun, casual setting, can help workers feel more comfortable and relaxed.


Work produces stress, this is a no-brainer. Juggling meetings, clients, hectic schedules and projects on a daily basis can create a lot of tension. Company outings provide an outlet to get away from all the busyness a typical work day can bring allowing employees to unwind and relieve their stress.


Outings aren’t just for fun and relaxation, but they give workers the opportunity to learn new things about other employees. Although you may see a colleague at work every day, often times, there’s a difference between an individual’s at-work self and outside-work self. The outing may be work related, but you will be surprise

d at how much you can learn about someone when you put him or her in a new setting.

Change of scenery

You see the office every day and sometimes that can become boring. A change of scenery every now and then can be good. New environments can bring new attitudes. Perhaps a worker was having a stressful week in the office, yet the company outing on Friday-Saturday at our camping site helped change his or her mood. Atmosphere (and ambiance) makes a world of difference.

Build unity

The main purpose of a team outing is the team. How do we help strengthen our team? How can we make this team better? Outings, especially ones with team-building activities, help to unify a group, which can ultimately make it more cohesive and function better in the company. Better functioning teams and departments make for a more productive company overall.


  • Greater attendance results. If an outing is required, more workers are likely to show up than if it’s optional.
  • Better way to ensure entire team knows and networks with one another. Many people do not even sit close to their teammates in an office because of space. Some workers rarely see or physically interact with their colleagues except for a company meeting.
  • Team can build social skills outside the office

We at Nisargshala, give you and your team, the best ever team bonding experience that too in the nature.

Team outing

Team outing

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