Safe camping guide during covid-19 crisis


We all know , govt of Maharashtra has allowed Outdoor activities from June 3rd,2020. We haven’t started our operations yet as we were in the process of making camping more safe during the crisis of COVID-19. We have now decided how the events are going to be carried out. This standard process would ensure minimum human contact. Please read instruction below which details to TO DOs for safe camping.

  • Stay home if you have:
    A cough, fever or any symptoms of illness
  • Recently returned from travel outside of Pune; or
  • Been in contact with someone who has tested positive for
    COVID-19 within the last 14 days.
Stay Local
  1. While we all look forward to future road trips and exploring new locations, for now, we ask that you stay close to home, avoid
    non-essential travel, and enjoy where you live.
  2. This is not the time for long distance travel for recreational purposes.
  3. Our campground is adjacent to rural,
    remote, and local communities. As you plan your summer, please be mindful that these smaller communities may not be able to manage increases in out of town visitors.
  4. So people from Mumbai and other cities are NOT welcome to campsite. Only people from Pune that too people who do not fall in containment zones, would be allowed.
A walk through clouds
Social Distancing while on hike @ nisargshala. This is an old pic however with such Social distance we should use masks also.

You may also find amenities such as groceries and gas unavailable. As you head out for your camping trip, make sure following things.

  1. Stock up on groceries, beverages close to home
  2. Refuel your vehicle before you leave home and sanitize your hands after refueling.
  3. Do not stop anywhere as you leave city. You should drive straight to campsite. 
At the campsite

Once you reach campsite, after validating guests against IDs proofs you have submitted while booking, you would be shown your tent(s). There are going to sigh boards at the camp, we request you to adhere to those instructions and also instructions of you camp facilitators and staff.


  • Keep yourself and others safe by limiting touch points.
    Be mindful of high-touch areas and objects within the area (e.g., utensils, garbage lids, door handles,etc).
  • Sanitize your hands after coming into contact with common areas or avoid touching altogether.
  • Although we’ve moved outside, physical distancing still has
    a role to play in safe outdoor recreation. Practice physical
    distancing in campgrounds and day use areas by:
  • Lining up two metres apart at washrooms, toilets
    common area and taps.
  • Maintaining two metres of distance when setting up at
    the BBQ.
  • Modeling good trail etiquette by maintaining distance
    between other hikers and making room for others
    to pass.
Kids camping near Pune

Clean hands help keep everyone safe. Wash your hands
frequently, especially when reaching and leaving campsite.
Follow these hand-hygiene guidelines:

  • Lather up with soap and warm water.
  • Wash your hands for 20 seconds (the time it takes to sing “happy birthday” twice).
  • Use an alcohol-based sanitizer when hand washing is not an option.
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth with
    unwashed hands.
  • Cough or sneeze into your elbow or a tissue rather than
    your hands. Immediately dispose of used tissues in a waste bin or bag and clean your hands right away.


Pack the essentials, including waste bags, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizer, plain soap, a wash basin, tissues, and flip flops for the shower. Extra items to consider may include gloves for disposing of waste in common receptacles, or non-medical grade masks for use in common areas, depending on your comfort level.
When you arrive, explore your new space by reviewing campsite boundaries with your children. Keep all camping equipment,
tents, vehicles, RVs only on your campsite pad.

Maintain your social “bubble” by keeping two metres of distance from those not in your camping party whenever possible. Keep your socializing safe by limiting visitors to your campsite. Please note, in support of public health recommendations of social distancing, the maximum participant count is 8 people in a group, at any given time.
Up your hand-hygiene game by setting up a hand washing station at your campsite. Bring along a large water cooler with a faucet or spout and eco-friendly hand soap. Set this up on the edge of your campsite’s picnic table for easy access.

Camping near Pune

Make a habit of washing or sanitizing your hands

  • When entering or exiting your campsite,
  • Before and after eating,
  • Before preparing or handling food,
  • Before handling clean or dirty dishes.
  • Campsite picnic tables are high touch surfaces and should be cleaned before and after each use. If you see they are not sanitized before serving food, you can ask facilitators to get it done. We can all do our part to help keep campgrounds clean.
    As always, we ask that campers keep the campsite clean during their stay and leave no trace upon departure.

Dispose of waste and recyclables – pack your waste with you and dispose of it when you get home. You can use trash bags. But we all must make sure that we do not litter natural surrounding neither the campsite nor while we are in transit.

What we are going to do?

  • Tents would be sanitised with Sodium hypochloride already.
  • Same tent would be used only after a month
  • Toilets would be sanitised
  • Minimum Human contact while exercising activities
  • No locals at the campground for any activities
  • Camp lead would be certified as 'COVID-19 symptom free'
  • Minimum 7 ft distance in between two tents
  • Only 16 people would be accomodated for one camp
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