Star gazing near Pune @ Nisargshala

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So dust off those binoculars, and mark your September calendar! Star gazing near Pune is now easy at Nisargshala.



To download the sky map of November 2017 click here


Shooting stars in the Leonid meteor shower will appear to radiate from the constellation Leo as the shower peaks on November 17.


Look up late at night on the 16th and into the early morning hours of the 17th for a flurry of shooting stars during the peak of the annual Leonid meteor shower. With a moonless, dark sky, the best views will be in the early morning hours of the 16th, with as many as 10 to 20 shooting stars an hour visible from the dark countryside.

Individual meteors will appear to originate from the shower’s namesake constellation, Leo, which rises in the east in the predawn hours this time of the year. As with all meteor showers, there’s no need to use binoculars or telescopes. Just make sure you dress warmly and sit back comfortably in a location with clear views of the overhead skies.


A thin crescent moon will appear just above and to the right of the planet Saturn on November 


As an observing challenge, sky-watchers should try to hunt down the razor-thin crescent moon hanging above the planet Saturn. Look low in the south-western sky soon after sunset, using binoculars to scan the area to the upper right of Saturn.

You can start looking right after sunset, and see how soon you can glimpse the moon in the sunset’s glare.


Look for a colorful pairing as the orange-toned Mars and blue-hued Spica appear close together on November 29.


Just before your local dawn, look for the orange-hued Mars to make a stunning pair with the distinctly bluish-tinged star Spica high in the southeastern sky.

Meanwhile, Jupiter will be hanging below the pair, and yellow-colored star Arcturus will be perched above and to the left of them.

To download the sky map of November 2017 click here

Imagery - NAT GEO
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