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Flip your phone horizontal when you watch videos. Using headphones would also give best experience of watching videos.


Meet Dr Suvidya, a very successful professional, who think of his profession as service to the society, turned out to be a nature love. He found Nisargshala vicinity so amazing that he could not stop himself from showing off the happiness he had.

Aman is a scientist in ISRO and his wife Rajani a would doctor, they along with their kids went camping near Pune with Nisargshala. Their smallest kids is only 6 months old. Watch what they experienced @ Nisargshala


Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all. Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature. Meet Super-girls, who challenged their own limits, boundaries and aimed to make some courageous, adventurous, long lasting memories. They decided to go camping near Pune, with Nisargshala. Watch their courage, thrill and adventure. 



These are some of the videos captured during last seasons. Making your camping trip  long lasting memory is what we aim at. You can also feature in these videos. When you go camping @ Nisargshala, Its just the video footage and pics, that you got to share with us. And then we would make a video of your camping adventure trip.

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