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Spending a night here is literally sleeping in the embrace of raw naked nature. Everything is natural ,raw and unaltered. No other place takes you as close to nature as this one. Definitely going back there.
Abhishek Sukhija @ Nisargshala
Abhi Sukhija
IITian, workiing with AMDOCS

Thinking of going camping near Pune? wait, lets first understand what camping is?

What is camping?

Camping is not only about stay in tents, BBQ and campfire. There much more to it. The main objective of camping should be to get back to nature in true sense. There are many reasons why should we go back to nature once in a while. The essence of camping is being into the nature, going back to the basics. While camping with us , you have got may options to explore at Nisargshala, throughout the year. Each season gives us its unique gifts.

We give you an opportunity to connect with the nature. There many activities we would want you to explore while camping with Nisargshala.

  • Trekking (Click here for more info)

  • Rock climbing

  • Rappelling

  • Nature sharing

  • Fishing 

  • Star gazing in Pune

  • Nature trail

  • Night trail

    In short, you can go camping with us in any season, throughout the year.

We help you have the best ever experience of camping near Pune. Campsite is located towards south-west the city near Pune.


For queries and booking your camping trip kindly call Hemant 09049002053

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kids camp near Pune

Kids Summer Nature Camp near Pune

With dedicated attention and motivation to each kid, we feel that we inculcate abilities such as act on their own, be self-reliant and try things for themselves. In order to achieve this, we work on no rocket science methodologies such as providing fun, friendship and leadership in a supportive and non-competitive environment away from home.