Thinking of going camping near Pune? wait, lets first understand what camping is?

What is camping?

Camping is not only about stay in tents, BBQ and campfire. There much more to it. The main objective of camping should be to get back to nature in true sense. There are many reasons why should we go back to nature once in a while. The essence of camping is being into the nature, going back to the basics. While camping with us , you have got may options to explore at Nisargshala, throughout the year. Each season give us its unique gifts for us. Normally we don't come out of our city shelters and see whats there in the woods, that's the reason we don't get to know, how much the nature has got to give us.

We give opportunity to connect with the nature. There many activities we would want you to explore while camping with Nisargshala.

  • Trekking (Click to see pics)

  • Rock climbing

  • Rappelling

  • Nature sharing

  • Fishing ( the primitive way )

  • Star gazing in Pune

  • Nature trail

  • Night trail

  • Understanding the western ghat ecosystem

  • Destination  - Torna Fort, Lingana Fort, Madhe ghat(Waterfall and ancient route to Konkan), Singapur drive, Rayling plateau, Rajgad Fort, Sacred Groves(देवराई)

  • Wild edible vegetables

  • Wild fruits like wild berries, Mangos, Jamun, Jackfruit, Toran and many more wild fruits

  • Night trekking and wild life sighting

  • Nature/Macro photography workshop 

In short, you can go camping with us in any season, throughout the year.

We help you have the best ever experience of camping near Pune. Campsite is located towards south-west the city near Pune.

The vicinity that we take you is intact, and we are bound to keep it as it at the same time we are committed to take you there.Campers enjoying in fresh water stream

Camping near Pune

Campers enjoying in fresh water stream

Have a look at this video, this is how we let you have the bond with mother nature.

We are committed to be a catalyst in creating a society that truly loves and reveres the natural world, we must offer its citizens life-changing experiences in nature.


For queries and booking your camping trip kindly call Hemant 09049002053